So you all know that I’m in the throes of writing a book, right?

Ok – so the current stage is that it’s in its first draft stage and I’m in the process of writing the book proposal.

Having never written one of these before, or rather, successfully written one, I am finding it tough to say the least. The hardest part is stepping back from the piece and being honest in its content, its target market and it’s competition. It’s find for the author to think ‘ it has a place in Waterstone’s but in reality, does it?

The A.B.C. here in Amsterdam has a phenomenal reputation in workshops and especially writing workshops. It’s caliber of speakers is second to none and the knowledge gained is priceless, so it was here, yesterday, that I attended a workshop by Jo Parfitt on How to write and publish a book.

Not only is Jo a seasoned speaker, she is also an author of 27 books. Clearly she knows her stuff, but what I found most refreshing is that the information she shared was rich and plentiful. It was all business, no bullsh*t and it honestly saved me hours of time researching and a lot of money.

It is SO refreshing when someone genuinely passes on nuggets and gems of their knowledge for free ( the course was only 35e, so in my eyes that’s free).

I thoroughly recommend her workshops if you have even the vaguest interest in writing.