It’s Monday and it’s true I’ve had a few days away from the computer, (I would like to pretend I was on a top-secret fashion mission but in fact I was entertaining friends and having birthday treats ) as a result my viewing figures, of which I have been obsessed, have started to wane a little….. What? Don’t…you….love….me…. anymore?

Of course you do!  you just want something new and exciting – I realise this!

Hoping I won’t disappoint I come prepared with a little snippet from todays Guardian announcing a new cut of jeans from Levis..

Carrots are out, twisted leg, what? boyfriend…hello? – these days your dude should be wearing the ‘ex-girlfriend jean’

You heard me!

So – imagine how this creative meeting went?

Marketing ” we need a new snappy name for a guy’s denim pant”

Design ” well I’ve seen that the hipsters are still going drain pipe”

Marketing ” drain pipe you say – really? Kids are still going skinny?”

Design ” yes…. on the last research trip which cost the company thousands in expensive dinners and boutique hotels we learnt that men are still wearing skinny. Maybe we can call it the ‘new skinny’?

Marketing ” no – needs to be punchier, how are the sales on the Boyfriend pant”

Design ” no idea, I only draw”

Numbers ” Boyfriend Jean is reacting well in several of our key markets, so maybe we need an equivalent to sell to the men?”

Marketing ” perfect – we’ll call it the girlfriend Jean….no…. wait – sounds too feminine, lets call it the EX-girlfriend Jean….. giving the impression that the guy is cool enough to lose the girl but keep the jeans..

Design + Numbers in unison ” ooh that’s a great idea”

And so a new fit is announced for Levis men!