I was sincerely spoilt last September when I was privy to not just one, but two fashion shows at New York Fashion week.

Whilst it’s not true that i stormed the stage with my superb Paris Hilton impression, it is true that I was overcome with emotion.

23 years I’ve worked in the industry and I’ve merely dreamt of seeing a catwalk show, so to see two in as many days? – of course I was overcome…. who wouldn’t be?

So this season, with my working situation changed, I find myself stuck in Amsterdam with a book to write and an over enthusiastic Jack Russell dog. What are the chances of seeing 1 catwalk show let alone 2 I think to myself?

Not so slim as it happens, dear reader, not so slim.

Fresh out of the box today came a charming FB update announcing that Peter Som would be live-streaming his Fall 11 runway show through the delightful people at Mac and Milk.

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Mr Som in my past life, so am thrilled to be able to see his latest line from the comfort of my living room with my unwritten book and crazy dog.

Friday 11th Feb 10am EST ( US time) – go to Mac and Milk and sign up and join the fash fest.