Hello, my name’s Susie and I’m a closet pimp when it comes to loafers –

I stumbled across Heschung 18 months ago and was forced, yes forced, to buy a pair of white leather, punch hole, side buckle loafers. The leather was soft and buttery, the toe slightly pointed and the fit a sublime perfection. Embracing my heel perfectly, they remain to this day, the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.

Of course, with me living in Amsterdam, I can only where them on Spring days when there is no chance of rain…. not so easy here, but they are and will always be my pimp shoes.

So –  18 months down the line and in only a matter of weeks, I will be back in Heschung, pocket-money in hand to purchase a new pair of shoes. Style is yet to be confirmed, maybe brogues, maybe loafers but rest assured they will be pimpin’ hot and smokin’.

Am giddy with excitement and will of course report back with purchase details.