I wish I could spend all day, everyday, tracking the fashion shows at the recent fashion weeks but alas a book needs writing, a blog updating and a new consultancy project needs to commence. I do, however need to know what is hot and hip for the next season as a wardrobe update needs planning and doesn’t happen overnight.

Now I won’t lie to you, I generally scour the fashion press for tit bits and highlights, allowing a wonderful ‘fash’ person to do the legwork for me, and in this case its Imogen Fox at the Guardian who made a rather marvelous summary of what we should be focusing our beady eye on over the next few months. Below are just some of the trends to watch for;

Spots – these are big… not literally you understand but metaphorically… Polka dots, large, small, black, white all are clear and present. Is this a traditional trend for Fall? Not sure to be honest but as we’ve had nautical stripes for the past 3 seasons, its nice to go spotty if only for a change of shape.

Big Earrings – think Pat Butcher ( for non Brits see EastEnders). Shoulder skimming, bling or non bling, these ear droplets should neither be subtle nor slight. Be loud and proud my sweet, sweet friend taking care to watch the weight. Ears like a tribesman is by no means chic.

Bag Holding – strange trend I hear you say but not so… Gone are the bent-arm-handle-in -the-crook-of-elbow pose, instead we have large A4 clutch situation, grip it and hold it close to the chest like a sixth former holder her chemistry file.

Long boots – Not convinced this is a new trend as such. I guess the whole ankle freezer styles are out and long knee skimming are in… For those who live in Holland, you will be very aware that long boots have been in for, oh, say, forever. I guess this trend only applies to the Non Dutch population.

Colour red – Watch out for reds, that’s what the big names are pitching. Of course, no one in their right fashion mind calls it ‘red’ Instead think, vermilion, Merlot, burgundy and lipstick.

Coincidentally, just to throw in a plug….I have a whole section in my new book about colour names. In general, the colour shade remains the same each season, it’s the name that changes and just so you know; naming colours is big business. It’s neither to be sniggered at, nor held up in a bar and ridiculed.

Colour naming is a job and a serious profession. Something to aspire to me thinks..