Staying small as a fashion label is not a bad thing, sometimes it has its advantages. Maria Cornejo has been in business since the 80’s and her business, now, based in the US is a small label which is happy being small and independent.

“It’s important for me, for my own creativity, to have our own point of view in the whole market. Being a small business, you’re offering a different a point of view that hasn’t been offered everywhere else”

Of course staying small has it’s downsides, with no financial security blanket you need to be very business savvy, responding quickly to market downturn with new lines, changes of product etc, but that’s what fashion is about, isn’t it? Keeping it fresh?

The article on talks more to Maria about the companies structure and goals and highlights an initiative by American Express to host for the second year ‘Small Business Saturday’ where customers are rewarded for shopping in smaller stores.