Over the past 6 months my career has taken a slight tangent. Quiting a full-time position on a Runway line, shown at NY fashion week, I started to write a book and decided to take a consulting role in development or production projects. Still with the intention of working in the industry but more in a ‘overseeing position’ rather than strictly hands on, I want to be more in charge of my time ( heard that before? – I think so)

The book is a guide to how the industry works and is, or should be, a hands on, practical approach to creating a fashion collection.

All well and good I hear you say… well actually yes because the focus of this book is not to fund retirement in a dream house at Big Sur, spending my days making jam and walking the dog (although that WOULD be nice), more that it will enable me teach and pass on my knowledge to others who need a helping hand, who have the dream but not the knowledge. So please bear this in mind when you read the next ditty of the story….

I was on holiday in Texas over Christmas. It was my first time there and the primary reason was that of a family visit. One evening my boyfriend and I went for dinner with some friends and one of the other guests was a lady who works in water parks ( the giant water slide places that scare the s*it out of me but are loved by many). An Interesting lady, my age I think, maybe a tad younger but a serious career women with a strong voice.

We chatted about our jobs and careers and  it turned out she had just returned from Central America where she had met a small community of women who wanted to set up a business making handbags from locally sourced materials but they were missing a designer to lead them and also some production knowledge. They had the resources, the enthusiasm, the workforce but were missing the design and the production guidance.

Immediately this struck a chord with me – what can I do to help on this? I thought..

Before the words came out of my mouth she offered up that she already had a bag designer in Vancouver BC who was keen to pass on designs and creative know-how but that they were missing out of the process knowledge.

Now – how is it possible that a random meeting like this at a house in Austin TX can result in a possible connection such as this.?

This to me is a perfect example of random coincidence. How cool would it be to pass on from my side, basic information, to a group of women who are desperate to have a creative voice on the other side of the world.?


Nothing is in work yet but from my side the interest is there and I am pursuing it avidly.

Talk about championing the underdog…. I’ll keep you updated.