Trying to shake off its reputation of cheap mass-produced imports, China’s manufacturing arm is removing the shackles from the past to re invent itself with a focus on new design talent, and a quality angle that will, or at least should, have some heads turning.  And rightly so.

I’ve worked with many a Chinese manufacturer and whilst it is possible to get the ‘pile it high’,’ sell it cheap’ variety, the factories that I’ve worked with have produced superb workmanship, have a detailed eye for quality and can accommodate the smaller business as well as the high street multiple. Think of it as a European source but with a long haul flight.

Monocle Magazine’s Feb issue focuses on a few of the new design teams trying to push forward items which wouldn’t seem out-of-place in a minimalist Japanese design store. Jia-inc is one that caught my eye with beautiful interior pieces from bamboo and porcelain.

Think of it as a grown up Muji, simple lines, simple shapes but complex materials.

Available internationally.