Oh, I do love an org chart


“What I’ve learned about working with a big company like Jil Sander is how important the structure is. You can have ideas and you can have money, but if the structure isn’t right, if everybody at design and management and marketing and sales isn’t in the same key, it’s not going to work.”

Raf Simons speaking to Gert Jonkers, editor of Fantastic Man, for Issue No. 14, Autumn and Winter 2011 as seen in The Business of Fashion

It’s so great to hear a quote like this and especially from a designer. Not that all creatives around us are anti structure and pro random free-formness ( is that a word?), There are many who love a structure and can’t work without one, and what I like is that it brings home to important point that its about working together in a clear structure which makes or breaks a brand or company.