I used to rock at sniffing out quality vintage pieces. Seriously !

When I was younger, before grey hair started to set in, I used to be able to scan a market rail and within 5 minutes, visually pull out the bargains, determine the repair job needed and negotiate a lower price with a raised eyebrow and a curled lip, but over the past 15 years my vintage cyber-skills have waned and I have been somewhat lazy in the world of secondhand scavenging…… or so I thought.

This weekend, my vintage-scanning-ability or VSA for short came up trumps with not not just one but two all in the same city.

Dries Van Noten Cami

Bleeker New and Vintage in the Pijp here in Amsterdam served me a vibrant red cami top from Mr.D Van Noten ( at 25 euro) whilst Tamogo on Spiegelstraat handed over a Black cotton Valentino blazer with pleated back for 140 euro.

Red Valentino : Pleated back panel jacket

With both fine establishments looking after the luxury end of the vintage market you can be sure that the quality is high and the curating of the stores is impeccable.

For sure, dear people, these are not places for the cheap tie dye nonsense, they are instead, for the more discerning customer who knows their labels and can spot a bargain. With the stock turned around on a speedy basis, stick your head in when you can but keep your distance from the size 38 (s), if you will.